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TransForme your ideas into reality

Forme Technologies’ service areas cover the spectrum of product development,– from concept design and detailed engineering to production (precision plastics moulding), value added processes, packaging and logistics, – in essence, ‘from art to part’.

Cleanroom manufacturing facility in Melbourne
Forme Technologies can manufacture, assemble and package your products inside our 220 sq metres ISO 8 cleanroom. Our ISO 13485 certification can facilitate your regulatory path and into market.
Injection Mould
Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding manufacturing in our ISO 9001 Certified facility or in our second ISO 13485 certified facility that is with a 220 m2 cleanroom where we can manufacture products in latest generation injection machines. We manufacture products with very demanding specifications using commodity and high-performance/engineering materials.
Modern Manufacturing Facilities
Forme Technologies is an agile and modern business that meets and exceeds the specifications of our clients by using the latest technologies in equipment and software, with an outstanding customer service provided by an experienced and passionate Team.
Post Processing & Assembly
Forme Technologies is an end-to-end manufacturing company. We provide value-adding post processes for your products. We have available manual and automated assembly services by purposed made machines and/or manufacturing cells with robots. We operate several in-house processes as ultrasonic welding, UV bonding and heat stacking processes.
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Product Design for Medical industry
Benefit from over two decades of expertise designing innovative products for the medical industry. We can ease your path to market since we are an ISO 13485 certified company.
Product Development
Forme Technologies has a vast experience on taking products as we call it, “from art to part”. Benefit from over two decades of expertise delivering solutions for a broad range of industries such as medical, defence, construction, sports, gaming, automotive, consumer goods and electronics to name a few.
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With in-house capabilities to create prototypes in our 3D fused deposition modelling machine (FDM), creating a physical representation of your ideas by using rapid prototyping technologies can help confirm that your product is viable and save time and money.
Quality Assurance
We are both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited businesses. We guarantee that our manufacturing, testing and assembly are in our state-of-the-art facility-controlled and optimised clean environment.
Toolmaking and CNC Machining
Tooling development is the last chance to make sure that the manufacturability, quality, and efficiency to make your products is right. It can make or break a good design. That is why we are constantly assessing whether your design is suitable or can be optimised for the injection moulding process, in an iterative process called DFM (Design for Manufacturing); We do this even from the moment you first approach us.
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