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Injection Moulding Tool Design

Forme Technologies provides an end-to-end solution to develop your product. Our toolroom has machines with latest technology where we manufacture prototype and production tooling. We also partner with local and international toolmakers for tooling outside the scope of our Toolroom.

Tooling Costs & Development

Tooling development is potentially the most important aspect of the ‘part’ phase. It can make or break even a good design. For this reason we go to great lengths to specify and cost our tooling according to customer budgets, and to maximise the product yields and net return on investments.

Our tool design specifications usually align with SPI tooling classification codes, such as classes 101-105.

Finite Element Anaylsis
Design for Manufactruring
Tooling costs

Determining the tooling costs is a complex process that depends on many factors like the size of your part, the number of cavities on the tool to better suit your demand, the timeframe for the project, the injection technology used in your part, the surface finish, features i.e. undercuts, threads, clips, etc. on the design, and any other specifications that need to be met for your part.
Our commitment with our customers is finding solutions that best fit their projects’ budget, timeframe, specifications, and that delivers the best return in their investment.

Tooling Trials

Low and high volume tooling

While we can build prototype and small scale production tooling in our in-house toolroom, large scale tooling usually takes place locally with our partners in Australia (Melbourne) or internationally in South Korea, China or Portugal. The place to develop the tooling for your project depends on your specific requirements on delivery time, budget, and complexity.
We have established relationships with our tooling suppliers and together have successfully delivered more than 70 tooling projects over many years.

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Speak to Australia’s leading plastics manufacturers

Discuss your requirements with the team at Forme Technologies and discover why firms across Melbourne and around Australia and Globally trust us to help them achieve their business goals.

Call us directly on +61 3 9782 3033 to learn more. Or click on the Get in Touch button to send us your enquiry.

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Precision Tooling


Do you make your own tooling, jigs and fixtures?

Yes, we can build prototype and small scale production tooling in-house, large scale tooling usually takes place locally with our partners in Australia (Melbourne) or internationally in South Korea, China or Portugal, with whom we have worked closely over many years. We have built a reputation on achieving superb quality on every project we undertake.

What are the main costs associated with tooling?

The cost of tooling will depend on the complexity of the project. We go to great lengths to specify and cost tooling according to customer budgets and to maximise the product yields and net return on investments. Please get in touch and we can organise a custom quote.

What is your Quality Assurance?

We have built an excellent reputation for achieving superb quality on every project, no matter how unique, unusual, or complex. We are ranked in the top percentile for quality and delivery standards with our local and international customers. We are both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited business.

What's involved in the tooling phase of a project?

A great product requires great tooling. Tooling is a critically important phase, as it can make or break a good design. It is as sophisticated a process, as producing the end product. Tooling refers to the mould that is created to make your product. There is the design component as well as essential parameters and trials that must be adhered to. We oversee the design from start to finish and we will only release for manufacture,  if the tool design has been approved by the customer and ourselves.

What's the turnaround for tooling?

We work as quickly as we can within the strict parameters of design, fine-tuning and predefined trials for tool development. We always endeavour to keep within the time frame given once starting a project.

Small & Large Scale Tooling

Full Internal Design Team

3D Modelling & Prototyping

DFM - Design for Manufacture

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