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Rapid 3D Product Prototyping

TransForme your ideas into reality

Product Prototyping

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Forme Technologies experience in delivering high end product solutions together with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is the perfect environment for prototyping the viability and functionality of the design or product.

Flexible prototype moulding services for your business

We are committed to the evolution of 3D prototyping and manufacturing technologies including small scale prototype tooling for product testing or proof of concept.

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The reliable choice in low-volume production & prototyping services

Ensure you have the right support on your next project with Forme Technologies. Involve us where required as part of your product development team and discover why we’re the preferred choice of organisations across the country from Perth to Darwin. Send us a message via our contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Materials we work with?

Generally the devices that we develop require a high level of engineering input. This also applies to the material selection and to this end we ensure  the selection of the most appropriatly specified materials for the application. We have a long history of working with commodity as well as high-performance engineering resins and some of these materials are unique to our use in Australia. We regularly use and specify materials that are either UL compliant, food contact compliant or comply to the ISO 10993 certification for biocompatibility of medical devices.

Materials we use for Product Design

New product development services  

Speak to our team to learn more about what is possible. We can help with injection moulding and offer plastic fabrication too.

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Do you do prototyping in-house?

Yes, we do prototyping in-house. We try to keep prototyping in-house as much as possible, but it does depend on the materials needed to complete the process and the circumstances and scale of the project. We will co-ordinate your prototype – whether it is made by us or externally – as part of the project.

How can Forme Technologies assist with the prototyping of my product?

Forme Technologies has extensive experience in the design and development of products for a wide range of industries, including medical, defence and consumer electronics. Leveraging our considerable expertise allows you to potentially realise significant cost savings while achieving a faster time-to-market.

Additionally, we have an in-depth knowledge of environmental requirements such as recyclability, flammability, and UV sensitivity, ensuring that your product meets or exceeds or all required environmental regulations.

What are the expected turn-around times for a new prototype?

As each project undertaken by Forme Technologies is unique, delivery times will vary depending on design, material availability and other factors. Choosing to work with our team ensures that external factors have minimal effect on the delivery of your product. Strong relationships with our suppliers and a deep knowledge of technical aspects of our job allow us to accurately forecast delivery times. Speak to our team to learn more.

What are the main costs associated with prototyping?

The costs of prototyping will depend on the complexity of the project. In some instances, a number of different prototypes need to be developed before we are able to meet a client’s requirements. Prototyping is an affordable option for testing a concept and idea out to make sure it actually works the way you invisaged and is functional.

What are the tooling capabilities of Forme Technologies?

Prototype tooling is conducted in house, but should you choose to move from prototyping to full-scale production with us, large scale tooling will be required. This process is conducted through one of our partner organisations in South Korea, China or Portugal.

What are your facilities like?

We continuously invest in our facilities to meet the exacting standards that our clients require. We currently operate 12 injection moulding machines that provide versatile capacity, from 35 metric tonnes for small, intricate plastic components to 450 metric tonnes for manufacturing larger parts. Our high speed modern machining environment enables us to build prototypes and low-volume tooling.

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